1964 Chrysler 300K 4 speed

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Front carpet removed. The floor came out with the carpet.

The console is the 1963 300 style; center ash tray, no slot for shift lever.
The tach is a shaft drive from the distributor.

Manual transmission cars have a different brace for the clutch pedal.
There are two additional nuts and bolts through the firewall.

A view through the rusted floor board shows the frame and
the brace for the clutch rod.

The easiest way to gain access to that clutch shaft was to remove the fender.

The shaft is held with a bracket on the outside of the frame rail.
The bolt with the large washer goes through the frame and also anchors the steering box.
The two small bolts thread into the frame.

The frame with the clutch brace removed.

The clutch rod removed.

From the factory service manual:
Clutch is Borg & Beck Model 1579. 11" disc, .125" thick,
10 springs, 5 green springs and 5 tan springs.
Clutch cover has 12 pressure springs, 6 are white and 6 are orange.
White spring pressure is 233 lbs, orange is 162. Total spring pressure at 1.5" = 2,490 pounds.

Bell housing is 2463019 and used 1964 only

Broken clutch pivot.

Date stamp reads: ?? V41 HP

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