This little "Lion" is Petunia.

And this "Lion" is Petunia's sister Buffy.

Click here to hear Buffy roar.


What do you mean "Dinner will be late?!"
More pictures of the cats here.

A short movie of the cats


a longer movie of the cats.

Now that you have met the golden lions,
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Other items:
Source List Ram Gaskets Engine Cradle
1960 SonoRamic Plymouth Window Bushings
and Washers
Corbin Clamps
Quick Index Tires and Old Age Dome Light Fuse
Master Cylinder Dipstick Master Cylinder Pressure Bleeder Seat Belt Installation
Ram Choke Block Off Plates
Hood Springs   Power Steering Bracket
Adjuster tool
Ram Carb Base Gasket Alternator Belt
Tension Tool
Ram Block Off Shims

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Last revised: October 16, 2018