Golden Lion Grrrages
1964 Chrysler 300K Ram Coupe

It is estimated that 282 K coupes were built with the Ram engine option.

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This car has many options; tilt
steering wheel, AC, power windows, power seats, Sure-Grip,
AM/FM radio with reverberator, and the "Firepower" engine.
The microfilm shows this car was built with Roman Red
paint (TT1) and with a red vinyl interior (M4R). When I
got the car, the seats and door panels were black. I decided
to replace the aging black vinyl seats with new
black leather from Legendary Interiors. In the
course of removing the old seats, I found a build sheet.
Although it is not correct to this car, I have it here.
Below are the dyno reports from a ram K engine from 2011.
This is the cam data.
This is a dyno test on a J engine from 1962.
While the interior is out, time to buff the sill plates and extensions.

Something you don't see very often; the optional
passenger side power seat mechanism.

Notice the mirror control is on a tab above the brake - gas pedals.
The correct position for the mirror control is as a third control knob on the plate up to the left.

With the plate removed, you can see the mirror control hole is stamped into the panel at the factory.
The center hole is for the manual choke cables and is roughly drilled -- see the burred edge.

This is the plate as removed. The left hole is for the parking brake release knob, the other is for the choke knob.

Here is the plate with the hole added for the mirror remote control.

Here is the completed job.

I had trouble with the illumination of the temp gauge. I removed the lamp, it was OK. I swapped with a different lamp
and holder, still no luck. I was thinking it might be a circuit board problem.

Here is a spare panel to show the back side. The lamp for the temp gauge is fed from the second pin from the right.

But before I got into the panel removal and circuit board work, we brightened the lamp holder
pins and the board with 320 sand paper for one last try and it worked.

I discovered the "night" setting on the camera.

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