1966 Imperial Crown

I had the pleasure of owning this car from 1990 to 2014.
Imperial production for the 1966 Crown four door hardtop reached 8,977 units. 66 would be the last year for the Elwood Engle designed body, the last year of the body on frame, and the first year for the famous 440 V-8. eagle

Built on the assembly line in Detroit, all 4,965 pounds of VIN YM43J63252778 came to life on March 31, 1966.
I bought this car July 10th, 1990 from a collecter in Rochester, NY. He was selling this car because he wanted to buy a tank. A Sherman tank. A World War II M4 Sherman main battle tank.
To each his own.
The car was painted prior to his purchase. It is a reasonable paint job in the original sequoia green.
This car has air conditioning, power door locks, AM signal-seeking with rear speaker radio, rear defroster, front and rear factory seat belts. drinterior
The seats are cloth and leather of the split bench style, in excellent condition. The wood on the dash and on the doors is just as nice. ldash
The odometer tells the story. odom
I stored in an 'Omni-bag' for 11 years. The 'Omni-bag' is a large plastic bag designed for car storage indoors. You put dessicant (moisture absorber) in the bag and the car suffers no problems from humidity. After 11 years, there was no corrosion on the brake hubs, on the exhaust manifolds, or any of the usual problems of extended storage. I am sold on the idea of Omni-bags for long term storage. radio
Perhaps a mistake on the assembly line -- the glove box says "Crown Coupe". rdash
The interior of this car is its best feature. The wood, the chrome, the carpet, the headliner, the seats -- they are outstanding as you will see on page two. pint

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