Golden Lion Grrrages
1964 Chrysler 300K Coupe

The Ronkonkoma K

The Ronkonkoma K arrived early one Saturday morning in 6 degrees of winter weather, January 2013.
This picture shows the delivery via Captain Hook Towing Services.
This car was an ebay purchase, and after a quick inspection, is better than expected.
The plan is to take the 4 speed parts from Mr. Sad and convert this automatic transmission car to a 4 speed.
There were only 82 Ks built with the 4 speed, about 18 still exist.
Since Mr. Sad was too rough to save, converting this car to a 4 speed made sense to me.

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This car has only a few options;
tilt steering wheel, day night mirror and tinted glass.
Other than those, it is manual windows, manual seats,
base AM radio.
The instrument panel and dash area have survived well.
In this picture, I have not yet started the basic clean up.
On the vent window there is still a
parking sticker from 1964. It is for the beach at
Brookhaven, NY, which leads me to think this car was
sold new in Long Island.
The data tag

A = 7 = automatic transmission, console shift
B = 2 = 352 (Power Brakes)
D = _ = manual windows
H = 2 = radio code, AM
K = 5 = 385 (Heater with defroster)
M = 9 = 409 (Console)
N = 1 = 411 (Two front seat belts)
Q = 1 = 421 (Electric clock)
S = 1 = sill moldings
T = 2 = 482 (Left, outside rear view remote control mirror)
X = 2 = HD springs, shocks, sway bar, brakes
Y = _ = manual drivers seat
SO = 0106 build date of January 6, 1964
BDY = 842 = Chrysler 300 K two door hardtop
TRM = M = Medium trim grade
4 = vinyl bucket seat interior.
T = tan interior color.
PNT = BB = Black exterior paint color.
A picture of the engine on the day it arrived,
still wearing some snow. It is in good shape.
I noted a lack of rust and corrosion on the exhaust manifolds.
The car retains the original engine.
This is the engine block data pad.
V41 = a 1964 413 engine.
12 11 = the engine was built December 11, 1963.
HP = high performance.
The rear seat area shows little wear although
the vinyl seats will need to be replaced.
Something not often found; Chrysler rear seat belts.
I think these were installed by the Chrysler dealer.
I needed to clean and re-grease the windows.
With the rear interior removed, the original
vapor barrier was intact.
The other side vapor barrier also intact.
The floors are rust-free.
Still wearing the original rear springs, the underside is clean.
1975 was the last time this car was on the road!
Only surface rust on the rockers.

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