Golden Lion Grrrages
1964 Chrysler 300K Ram Engine

One day this crate arrived.

This is a 1964 Chrysler 300 K ram engine stamped C 300 K 2/21/64
This engine has been rebuilt and been on the dyno. The plan is to transplant this engine into the J while the J engine is out for rebuild.

While winter raged outdoors, I got out a spare set of short rams and prepared them for paint.

After a thorough clean with a wire brush.

Using the Bill Hirsch engine paint.


On another set of short rams, a previous owner repaired a weak thread on the heat tube area of one ram with a helicoil. This repair worked well on this piece.

They tried a helicoil on this ram but the casting was so thin the coil wouldn't hold. We installed a threaded bushing to solve the problem.

Test fit with a pipe and we had a solid connection.
I suppose if a fella ran without carb heat
he wouldn't have to worry about this.
Below are the dyno reports from this engine in 2011.
This is the cam data.
This is a dyno test on a J engine from 1962.