Golden Lion Grrrages
Short Ram Carter AFB 3505SA

While winter rages outside, I found some inside work with
a few old carbs that have been in storage for years.
This one happens to be a short ram Carter AFB that is stuck to beat the band.

The primary and secondary shafts are stuck. Getting the screws out of the air horn required
an impact screw driver. The idle circuit screws also required an impact driver.
The air cleaner stud was stuck but came out with heat.
One primary venturi came out, one would not. Heat again was the answer and it finally came out.
In this picture you can see one of the secondary venturis has the screws out and one does not.
One of the two screws broke.

As you can see, access to the screw is limited by the walls. My smallest set of
vice grips would just grab the screw. Although the screw would move,
you could not get more than 1/8 turn before hitting the wall.
It was Archimedes that invented the screw, in case you need someone to holler at like I did.
90 minutes and a lot of creative words later, it was removed.

I'm going to make a bracelet out of that mongrel.
As of this writing both shafts remain stuck. We will turn our attention to those in short order.

Soaking the carb in 50 50 Acetone-transmission fluid.
An old gallon can makes the perfect container for the carb.
I first used a plastic can and the Acetone ate right through it.
The plastic bag is needed because Acetone evaporates.
Now we sit and wait for the mixture to free the carb.